Anthology of 8th Grade Authors

                               Briggs Pond                                          

My place is wet, and murky. It can be as dry as a desert in some places. It is full of life, and is a distance away from home. Walking through college campus to get there, you see the path that will lead you to my place. It is about four fathoms deep in the center, my place is Briggs Pond.

You here so many things in this small place. It is like you are strolling through a jungle and you here a variety of animals. For instance, you here the bullfrog roar, and the snakes slither across the ground, and water. The extensive trees sway, and the thin blades of grass that whisper to each other in the small gusts of wind. You think that is all, but then, you here the fish jump from the water, like a rocket flying to outerspace, to catch its meal. You think an orchestra just started up with all the different sounds each fish makes when it slaps against the water falling back in.

While you are walking around you can feel the ground move with life, or possibly it is you sliding on the mud. You are now sweating, so you decide to remove your shirt and tie it in your belt loop. When you start climbing the hill, you grab the jagged branches that seem to dig into your skin. When you reach the top you realize you have forgotten something. You then find your own way down trying not to fall into the brook. While down, there snatching the item you forgot, you discover a small path through the trees, that lead you to a new place. It has an even smaller pond, and what looks like to be a beaver dam. You now exit the area knowing you found it.

Next, your buddies arrive, about five or six of them. They brought there fishing poles, and there paraphernalia. You go to the old tree that stretches across a fourth of the pond. Two of them on one branch, two on the ground, and two on the other branch. Finally, you send your cast out, and wait. Something nibbles, and you jerk back, almost falling of the tree into the pond, you regain your balance. Then, finally, set the hook. Then real it in with all your might. You hold the fish in one hand and take the hook out with the other, and you see that the fish desires water. Then you decide to put it back in the pond.

Finally, at the end of your day it is time to pack up your gear. You then untie your shirt from your belt loop. To releave yourself from the heat, you dampen your shirt and throw it on. Once you exit the fishing spot, you walk around the pond a few times before leaving. Right before you leave, you turn around, and say "Bye," to the pond.   -- Isaac B.

Out in the country, beyond the howling winds and the mysterical mountains is a breath taking sight. The lightfrom the warm sun leaves tinted shadows across the land. The breeze from the cold winter wind gives a chilling experience. You can hear the birds whisperinga sweet luliby as they glide across the sky. The sweet visit of freindship andfamily is awaiting. Extrodenary adventures are ready to be discovered. As youshuffle across the gravel road you will see a strong building of anold-fashioned dark blue house that belongs to my grandmother.

My grandmother's house is full of adventures. Once you first enter the house you smell thewonderful aroma of fresh baked cinnamon rolls. As you bite into the scrumptious food your tastebuds get an outstanding delight. The texture of the warm pastry feels moist as it rest in the palms of your hands. While pacing through the house, you will see picture frames full of memories and of family and friends.Also you may see the many types of different furniture and hues upon the walls.The colors of creme and burgundy sponged walls lighten the room. Nick-nacs,posters, and pictures appear on the bare walls. They are fun to look at and absorb. Even though, you can see that my grandma's house can be quite exciting and wonderous.

My grandmother's house can get quite crowded sometimes. In the first place, my family and friends visit every so often and it can get a little full. Secondly, my grandmother owns her own buisness and sometimes and that can be a little hectic. Usually when family comes we dicuss about family memories, vacations, and adventures from previous years. Although my grandmother's house can get quite crowded we all enjoy the company.

My grandmother's house is an interesting place. First, it has many opportunies. Secondly, it gives me a warmand fuzzy feeling inside. Third, my friends and family are always there to keep everyone company. Also my grandmother's house is welcoming to the neighborhood.As you can see, my grandmother's house is an fun, interesting, and adventurous place.   -- Emily M.

I Should Be...
Someday I should be a super secret spy
I would sneak around and gather information
I would be as sly as a fox.

Or I could be an astronaut
I could visit the man on the moon
Or maybe I would discover aliens on Mars.

Or perhaps I would be a pirate on a boat
I would find the hidden treasure
or maybe I would win a sword fight.

It would be fun to be a fighter pilot
fly as high as the stars
and as fast as the speed of sound

Would they be easy,
or challenging
or would they be enjoyable

I think it would be all of those though.
-- Simon R.

     Out in the Pacific Ocean, lies an island full of adventure and serenity. It is a place that is overflowing with animals and people. The island serves as a home for those who reside there, as well as a paradise getaway for anyone who chooses to make the extensive trip to see its beautiful wonders.

I find Oahu to be a breath taking place! From the volcanoes that seem to scrape the sky, to the depths of the crystalline blue waters that seem to scoop down into the Earth forever, it is one of a kind. No other island can compare to that of Oahu. It leaves me so relaxed and free as I think about sitting on the yellow sandy beaches overlooking the water that seems to poke the sky everytime a wave forms. The beaches stand as warriors protecting the island from the harsh waters through the torrential rain and storms.

When I imagine myself being in Oahu, I picture myself sitting under a lanky green palm tree, digging my toes into the rough sweltering sand. I think of myself sniffing the imperturbable sea breeze and sipping my glacial, vivid orange mango smoothie. Every sip chills my lips and sets off a celebration in my mouth. Next, I hearken to the booms of the Hawaiian drums as they compose an entergetic, upbeat song.

As I dream of sitting under the blazing sun, I think of watching the colorful birds dance among the branches of the brown gnarled trees that bear not too far from me. I forget about reality, and all of the hustling people that pass me. I draw myself in my imagination strolling down to the smooth water, and dipping my toes deep down under the surface.

The world seems to pause whenever I think about this wonderful island. Clearly, no other place can compare to the interesting island of Oahu. It is an island of its own.  -- Mikki H.

Music is....
Happiness and memories of time gone by
sadness and sorrow of loved one's past
a life story in five minutes or less
with you through your firsts and your lasts
for all things gained and all things lost
influential and expressive
for private thoughts and public parties
for elevators and for awkward moments


Just because
Just because I’m a girl
Doesn’t mean I’m not good at sports
Doesn’t mean boys are faster or stronger than me
And doesn’t mean boys are cooler than girls
Just because I’m a girl
Doesn’t mean I can’t punch as hard as a boy
Doesn’t mean I don’t like getting dirty
And doesn’t mean I need someone to do my hard work
Just because I’m a girl
Doesn’t mean I want to be babied
Doesn’t mean I need my phone 24/7
And doesn’t mean I need to be treated like a princess
Just because I’m a girl
Doesn’t mean I like drama
Doesn’t mean I’m not a hard worker
And doesn’t mean I can’t ride dirt bikes and four wheelers
Yes I am a girl, that does not mean I need to be treated like a Barbie.

Music Is...
your imaginative mind on paper
or a few instruments blended to make an exotic or calm song
Music is...
sad, mad, or happy moods turned into lyrics, notes, and chords
its the past life experiences of you or somebody else
or the fast or slow beats, like a heart
its the way one, two, three, four or more people come together
to make jazz, metal, rock, pop, country, techno,
rap, sound affects, bop, hiphop, blues, religious, or foreign
Music Is...
relaxing or energetic, fast or really slow
No matter the person or place, you’ll hear it all wherever you go.


Just Because...
Just because I’m half African American
Doesn’t mean that I get into gang fights
Doesn’t mean that my family is poor
And doesn’t mean that I’m different
Just because I’m half African American
Doesn’t mean I like being considered a Negro
Doesn’t mean that I like to sing
Doesn’t mean that I work for white people
Just because I’m half African American
Doesn’t mean I only have African American friends
I don’t hate white people
I do sports just like you do
I play basketball and do dance
Just because I’m half African American
Does it mean I half to be treated differently?
Don’t I have feeling to?
Can’t I be just like you?
Can I be accepted?
I think I can


Have you thought about a place that you know well and is interesting to you? Some of these places can be inside or outside, big or small, quiet or loud. You might see things, feel things, smell things, or even taste things. Now I am going to tell you about a place I know well and I think is interesting, which is my dad's land.

My dad's land is a place that I know very well and I think is very interesting. His land is located in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. It is a very large piece of land, covered with golden yellowish grass, and giant pine trees. You will see hill upon hill until it reaches the open prairie. Another thing you would see are all the wild animals like deer, birds, coyotes, and lots of other wild animals. You would hear the howl of the coyotes at night, and also the owls would be out playing during the night.

When you visit my dad's land, be prepared to be amazed. You would find lots of old things such as old cans, houses, cars, and lots of old pieces of metal. If you go out and just sit on a hill it feels like Mother Nature is trying to get to know you. It feels like this because you could smell the fresh air, hear the screech of an eagle, see all kinds of animals, and taste the fresh air. You would find buffalo on my dad's land because there is a farmer who lives on my dad's land that raises buffalo. An amazing sight to see is when horses run through the prairie or when a hawks swoop down to catch their prey. Another spectacular sight to see is a mother cow, horse, or buffalo care and raise their young.

Clearly my dad's land is a pretty amazing place. After all it is mostly used by wild animals and cared for by Mother Nature. All and all my dad's land is an amazing place.
-- Kevin

Brothers Are...
Protectors of you
like lions protecting their steak from their enemies
The ones that will always love you when mistakes are made
Full of laughter and fun
the ones that make you who you are today
loving in every way
teachers of life long lessons
unique in every way


I sat there, thinking of many great things
Of jungles, jewels, zoos, and wealthy kings
Books lay open on the library floor
Imagination and books open doors
Stories of greatness encircle your thoughts
I get up and think of heroes who fought
You will always want to read the next part
The happy endings always warm your heart.

-- Shoilee

Wrestling is...
a lot of hard work.
determination to succeed.
beating a person straight up.
not relying on anyone else.
six minutes on the mat pushing yourself as hard as you can.
a competition of strength, conditioning, and out smarting your opponent.
being humble, yet confident.
like no other sport.

--Tate C.

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